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Ace Meme. :iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 2 4 Halloween '14 #3 - Spirecil :iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 1 4
Mature content
Halloween '14 #2 - Alive. :iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 1 0
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The Monster's Lesson Part 2. :iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 1 0
Mature content
The Monster's Lesson. (Now with an audio link.) :iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 2 0
Welcome to... :iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 2 2
Have you ever felt like you were living two lives at once?
Have you ever felt a warm, gentle kiss press on your lips, though no-one is home?
Have you ever walked into a familiar room and wonder why it looks so different?
Have you ever yearned for company you've never kept?
Have you ever recalled something you never learned or experienced?
Have you ever starved after a good meal, like you never just ate anything?
Have you ever felt your dreams were more like memories?
Maybe they are.
After all,
Your dream-self has a life too.
:iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 2 0
Those Tears You Never Cried - Coloured :iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 8 0 All Those Times - WIP by NajikaSun - Coloured :iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 8 9 005 - Clive by NajikaSun - Coloured :iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 2 0
Let It Go - Rubirit.
Italics - Ruby.
Bold - Spirit.
| | - Both.
She had run so far, the trees were a long way behind her. She slowed down to a walking pace, gasping for breath but forcing herself to keep going. The air was getting colder, making the tears that she finally allowed to fill her eyes sting.
She'd tried so hard all these years to hold it back. She thought she'd conquered it. Tonight it had struck again.
The red squirrel glanced back to her tail, black as shadow. That's where it was. The demon creature that had latched onto her all those years ago. It had gotten a taste for wolf blood before, and tonight... Had that been another squirrel's?
She could hear its voice faintly in the back of her mind and pushed it away. She knew it wanted to play. She wasn't that controllable little squirrel kit anymore.
Snow crunched under her feet and she glanced around, drawing her cloak tighter around herself. The bodywarmer wasn't doing much for her now.
The snow glows white on the mountain ton
:iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 3 0
What To Do
What do you do
When the one you love
Loses their memories?
Almost a year.
You remember every bit of it.
They don't even know you.
You knew your instincts were trying to tell you something.
You know who to blame
Your friends hold you back
What would it gain?
When you live half the world away
What can you do to help them?
Do pictures, songs and stories help?
'Cause you've got so many of those
You can tell them so much
Your video-chat dates
Your Facebook chats
The other little things that made your days
All little, such important memories
Like balloons on strings
Only scissors required.
Finding those balloons you shared are gone
Making you realise to cherish yours all the more
Never let them go.
Make the strings of gold
So they're much harder to lose
Hold on tight.
'Cause you never gone when they're gone.
What you'll be trying to share again
What will they remember?
Is it possible to trigger something
To get them to hold onto the string too
And share all that you had before?
You may be af
:iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 2 2
There She Is.
There She Is.
Our version.
Foreword -
I was introduced to this series on a whim by a temporary friend I met on an MMORG place back at least 9 years ago now. I fell in love with it instantly, not knowing it would have such an impact on my future. My now.
I have the friends I made in 2012/2013 and the relationship I found in early '13 to thank, so thank you all so much for helping my opinion on this subject evolve into the positive situation it is now. And thanks for the support!
I love you all so much!
Anne, Quinn, Mystery, Alex, James, Kryptid, Parents, and everyone I don't know who supports these rights.
Have a good one!
Chapter 1 - There She Is.
The day had started off like any other. It had been sunny so I'd taken a walk in the park. As the clouds rolled in I retreated to the library, scouring the bookshelves for something interesting-looking that I hadn't already read.
Mortal Instruments caught my eye.
"That series is
:iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 0 0
2013. (Happy Holidays!)
The portals had opened.
It had been an ordinary day for Cleardale. As ordinary as it could be on a cold December morning.
First came the snow.
Then the rumbles.
Portals appeared. Ventriloquist puppets tumbled out of the first, found by Quinn on her way to school. They tagged along with her, the most humanoid of the group, looking like a pre-teen, lagging behind. An aura of mischief flowed from him as the baby puppet was carried tenderly.
Another was a young boy clad in green with a shield and sword. Alex watched in surprised as they collected the mail while he somersaulted through his portal, which emitted ocarina music, said they. The corner of his shield showed a small purple eye which seemed to glow every now and then.
Miss C from the elementary school reported blue blurs accompying her students into what they knew was their last day that semester.
A large blue police box skidded to a halt outside of the bakery, causing Anne to rush out, A following her still with oven gloves on. A
:iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 3 10
Mature content
Nice To Meet You, Stranger. :iconrubydasquirlz:RubyDaSquirlz 2 5


The Nightwatcher :colored: :icontricksterbluejay:TricksterBlueJay 69 17 Mewtwo - That Feeling :iconvaporeon249:Vaporeon249 100 21 Catch My Fall :iconvaporeon249:Vaporeon249 105 32 Armoured MewTwo closeup :icondroumerda:droumerda 13 1 Armoured MewTwo and Giovanni :icondroumerda:droumerda 18 2 Giovanni and two MewTwos :icondroumerda:droumerda 10 1 Armoured MewTwo :icondroumerda:droumerda 10 0 Armoured MewTwo :icondroumerda:droumerda 38 6 Mewtwo-Lucario-3 :iconnewstarlight:NewStarlight 20 4 Mewtwo-Lucario-2 :iconnewstarlight:NewStarlight 16 6 Mrs. Brisby :iconcentchi:Centchi 485 58 Ashley and Richard 3- colored :iconmomiji95:Momiji95 20 4
Blackouts (Pt. 1) - [Another Code: R]
A/N: This is a short story, broken into two parts to make it easier to read. Part 2 is nearly done and will be coming soon. This is a short story written as a fanfic based on Another Code:R (the sequel to 'Trace Memory' as it was known in NA). You do not need to have played the game to get the story, and I do not spoil any big plot stuff for those who haven't played it - there's just some character references you'll be able to appreciate if you have played it. Otherwise, you can look at it as a small slice-of-life short story.
This story is dedicated to the late Cing, Ashley Mizuki Robins, and everyone I met at Lake Juliet.

I need to stop doing this to myself. The guitar – I need to focus on the guitar instead. C'mon, Ash. You can do this on your own.
Ashley closed her eyes, steadying her palms against the worn wood of the red guitar in her lap. She wrapped her fingers around the fretboard with one hand. She plucked her pick against the strings w
:icondestiny-smasher:Destiny-Smasher 2 5
Sunny Day :iconotsunao:OTsunaO 10 4 .:TM Comm:. :icondawnrie:Dawnrie 37 3
Love From Beyond
Note: this fanfic spoils parts of the good ending of Trace Memory. If you don't mind that, then go right ahead.
Love From Beyond - A Trace Memory Short Story
"Hey, paisanos, it's the Super Mario-..."
"Who are the Mythbusters?"
"Coming up, Stephen Colbert's special report, 'Bears: Threat or Menace?'"
Ashley let out a sigh of frustration as she flicked the TV off. Flopping onto the sofa in Jessica's apartment, she began to think. Something was eating away at her and she couldn't figure out what.
It had been two weeks since Ashley had reunited with her father after the events on Blood Edward Island. Since then, a restless feeling had come over her that she couldn't quite shake. It was almost as if something was still missing from her life.
Still, she had to admit things were looking up for her. Once her dad got his affairs in order, the two could start over as father and daughter. The thought of that made her smile...
In that instant, the ans
:icontracemem:TraceMem 15 9
Sorry it's been a while!
I hope I can post things like I did last time, since I won't be using a normal computer and I'm not experienced with the more modern tech XD If I can't, I'll save it in a document and post it up when I get home.
I'll be leaving to get on the plane to 'Merica in a week. Can't wait to see Oniichan again, and meet another newer friend of mine! Should get back about the 25th/26th. ^_^

How's everyone been?
I've been OK. I'm looking forward to going away again~

Hugs for everybody! ~opens arms~
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Rubi za Risu tame za jo! ^_^
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Favourite cartoon character: Too many...
Personal Quote: Gah, vey zyfe! ... Actually, don't.



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